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WAM South Africa

KRAGDAG : Agricultural & Energy Expo 2023 in Pretoria, GAUTENG.

20/07/2023  | 
Due to the success of the KragDag Expo in the Western Cape, WAM South Africa will be exhibiting at the KragDag Agricultural & Energy Expo in Gauteng too ! The number of Sepcom machines sold nationwide has increased from 50 to 70 since our last KragDag update. WAM South Africa set out to create brand awareness in the South African market as the Sepcom is not a well-known machine, but the screw press concept resonates with dairy, pig and chicken farmers when illustrated at agricultural shows. As a result of the show, new connections were made where SEPCOM is being used in different industries like pulp and paper as well as the growing food waste sector.
Manure plays a major role in carbon credits, which are becoming more and more important for farmers.  Environmentalists in the agriculture sector have criticised dairy farms for releasing large amounts of methane and nitrogen that contribute to climate change.  

Cows produce milk, but microorganisms in one of their four stomach compartments also produce methane. In oxygen-free pits where mountains of manure accumulate, microorganisms continue to produce methane. To lower the methane emissions into the atmosphere the farmer can capture the methane and use it for power, which reduces operating costs and pays for itself in the end.  
In an oxygen-free environment, manure is mixed and heated between 35 and 55 degrees Celsius in a pit. Manure is broken down by microorganisms, and biogas is produced as a result. Heat and electricity are created by burning the methane in one of two engines. Fertilizer can also be made from the organic matter left over after digestion.  
The screw press (Sepcom) separates solids from liquids where the liquids can be used for biogas and or fertigation through a central pivot irrigation system. The solids separated by the Sepcom can be used as a soil conditioner to spread on the land before ploughing or re-sold as an organic fertilizer. Thanks to the particular SINT engineering polymer screw design, Sepcom can be easily adapted to various materials and applications. A specially shaped screen enables self-cleaning ensuring reduced wear.

We will also display the latest in bulk material handling and dust filtration equipment. The items are installed in feed mills, flour production plants, food processing plants, and grain storage facilities, such as:
  • DUST FILTRATION: For hoppers, Silos, Bins, bucket elevators & belt conveyors. 
  • ROTARY VALVES: The ideal solution for controlled discharging and feeding of powdery or granular materials from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, bag filter houses, and/or cyclones. 
  • BUTTERFLY VALVES:  Used in all types of powder and granular material processing plants where interception of gravity-fed or pneumatically conveyed dry materials is required. Installed below hoppers, bins, silos, screws, and/or other types of conveyors, or to intercept pneumatic conveying ducts. 
  • MICRO BATCH FEEDERS: The most versatile and economical solution for high-efficiency micro-batch feeding for Flour mills, Animal feed & Food production plants to name a few. 
Visit our stand 815 the 9-12 August in Pretoria at the Diamantvallei-Small Holding! Our Team is looking forward to finding solutions for you in your industry.
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